Exercise 1.1

The first exercise in Part 1, Project 1 of Expressing Your Vision requires the use of the camera in fully automatic mode. We then take 3 or 4 successive shots without changing anything on camera, also keeping the framing similar.

For this exercise I chose to use my iPhone 7 plus as using it in “auto only” is the default mode. The subject of my 4 images is my living space – not much is moving in there except for the floor fan (its 33C today) and so there is a visual change in each image and so too is there a change in each of the histograms. If I look very carefully I can convince myself that I can see a small difference in tone and shade on the higher part of the fence visible through the glass door – but it is probably the movement of the fan that is responsible for the change in the histogram.

The exposure is identical in each image at 1/350th of a second at f1.8 with an ISO of 20. ┬áThis data is not visible in the normal Apple camera app so it was interesting to see such a relatively large aperture – although with such a small sensor and focal length (3.99mm) depth of field is going to be deep front to back whatever the aperture.


1 Bloomfield, R (2014) Photography 1: Expressing your Vision., OCA 2017, p.21