Exercise 2.4

In this exercise I have to taken a straight portrait with good light, a simple background, a wide aperture and a telephoto lens about 4-5′ from the subject. I have chosen to photograph my daughter at home using natural light – in the back of my house there is a lot of light so I have used natural light which comes in from a window at the left of the subject (right for the viewer) and also a top light window.  To the left of as you view the image, there is a white wall.  Overall there is a lot of soft light bouncing around.  I used my medium telephoto (85mm equivalent) at f1.2, ISO 200 and the shutter speed was 1/180 sec. I focused on her right eye.  The depth of field is very shallow at this wide aperture and close focusing distance. Whilst her right eye and the tip of her nose are in focus, her left eye and chin are out of focus. This shallow focus gives a dreamy look to the portrait and the eyes really stand out.


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