Exercise 2.5

This exercise looks at the same scene using different points of focus looking at how the depth of focus changes depending on where the focus point is set all other things being equal, ie, ISO, aperture, camera position. Both images were captured at ISO 200. f1.4 and shutter speed of 1/450 sec on a 24mm equivalent lens.

The symmetrical framing and close focus of the first image makes the composition clearly focused on the iron railing and the textures of the metal – the background is out of focus to the point that it doesn’t attract too much attention. The depth of focus is very shallow barely extended beyond the front fence.  In the second image the depth of field extends from the distance to very close to the fence although the fence itself is not in focus.  This centres the composition on the graffiti which is framed by the out of focus fence posts. The industrial nature of the bridge and fence complements the graffiti and the fence posts provide a degree of compression to the image giving more power to the graffiti.


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