Exercise 3.1

In part 3 of the course we have set our camera to shutter priority and are working to understand the impact of shutter speed on an image.  In this exercise the challenge is to find “… the pleasure and beauty in this fragmenting of time that had little to do with what was happening …” (Szarkowski, 2007, p.5)

The images are taken certain show the beauty or a fragment on time, but I’m not entirely sure that this is separate from the act. In this case, I have asked my model to lift her head abruptly to move her hair up over her head.  I tried this in two variant seating positions and one standing. In each case we see hair in a position, that almost looks styled, but is actually just freezing a moment in time.  For each of the images, I also used some continuous fill light off camera. The selected shutter speed was 1/200th of a second.

The three resulting images are below.  The thirds is the most striking but annoyingly there is a background clip showing in the background.  No doubt I could remove this with Photoshop but my skills aren’t quite there yet for that.  My favourite is the 2nd image which shows a little movement in the hair which would be missing if I had selected a faster shutter speed.




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Szarkowski, J. (2007) The Photographers Eye. New York: MoMA